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I Know Everything : Release and open source version!

Hello all!

We are glad to inform you that I Know Everything is now available on Steam!
Check out this trivia/quiz with multiplayer support.
Play with a friend or against the CPU opponent, learn new facts and test your erudition!

I Know Everything was released!

Multiplayer tips : how to help people play with their friends

It is well-known, that relying on the multiplayer is the very hard and dangerous path for any indie, especially small one. But it was very interesting experience for us anyway, and we are glad that players don’t ignore this part of the game. The only thing that is very important to remember: always include the option to invite your friend to the game, like the one on the screen below:

Invite friend dialog

This button shall trigger the standard Steam dialog that can be used to invite your friend to your game, via the corresponding button:

Invite friend in Steam overlay

When you do this, your friend will receive the message with notification and may enter the game and play with you:

Invite friend message

Why this is important? Why not just make the list of available games? It is simple: people may be uncomfortable waiting the opponent for arbitrary, maybe very long time. Of course, it is not a problem, if you have large community of players and thus large online where you can find your opponent in a few seconds. But it is crucial for small indies, where your typical online will be probably below 10 players. In our case, the public lobby list is constantly empty, but players still playing with their friends via invite, as can be seen in the multiplayer leaderboard:

Multiplayer leaderboard

Open source version of I Know Everything

There is one more thing I want to share with you: while the full questions database for our game is only available on Steam, you can also check out the open source version of the game!

I Know Everything in Godot editor

The game was made with Godot engine. Open source version differs from Steam one only in questions database (it contains only few test questions), all the other code is left intact. If you use Godot, I believe this source code can help you, if you are making the game for Steam.

This game supports many Steam features, such as:

  1. Steam leaderboards
  2. Steam achievements
  3. Multiplayer support via P2P Steam API

Also this game is crossplatform (Windows, Mac and Linux) and supports controller.

The game uses several open-source libraries for Godot:

  1. GodotSteam (Steam integration)
  2. GDSQLite (SQLite database support)

Also this game can help you with:

  1. Creating user interfaces with Godot engine
  2. Translating your game to the different languages using the Godot way to do this (interface.csv file containing the translations of the UI elements)
  3. Using GDNative libraries in your project
  4. Creating particle effects (such as fireworks)
  5. Using controller in your game
  6. Various hacks & tricks (for example, getting full path to the game working directory in order to use the external files outside your pck file)

I hope that this information was useful to you! At the end of the article, I’ll give you some links to our game.

I Know Everything page on Steam:

I Know Everything source code on Github:

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