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The Barbarian and the Subterranean Caves version 1.87 is here!

Hello all!

Today we’ve released small update for the game. It contains some fixes, as well as new small branch of plot. You can meet again with the girl you saw at the beginning of the game at some circumstances. Please be aware, that this branch contain erotic content, so you won’t be able to reach it if you decided to turn it off at the beginning of the game.

And yes, small fix for our players, who refused to play the game because of the adult content, in this update you finally can turn it on. At the beginning of the game, just after the skills selection screen, the game will ask you, do you want to see erotic content or not. Using this feature will completely turn off the scenes with erotic content for this playthrough.

In order to find this small piece of content, you need to choose your starting skills wisely, because only certain combination of skills can fully unlock this branch 🙂

If you encounter any problems/errors when starting the game after update, you’ll need to delete your previous save files, because, unfortunately, saves from the version 1.85 are not compatible with 1.87. You can find your save files in the following folder on Windows:

C:\Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/The_Barbarian_and_the_Subterranean_Caves/

or in some similar folder on other OSes.

Please be aware, that the Android version of the game is in the malfunctioning state right now. I’m trying to do my best to fix it, but, please, play updated game on Steam, not on Google Play, for now 🙂

Hope you’ll like this small extra content.

Best regards,
Anton & NLB project team.

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